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Julia Roberts on Playing Ryan Reynolds' Mom in 'Fireflies'

Actress Julia Roberts sat down with "Extra" correspondent Jerry Penacoli to talk about her new drama, "Fireflies in the Garden," in which she plays the mother of Ryan Reynolds.

"He's a good boy," joked Roberts. "I raised a nice boy."

Roberts co-stars as a woman whose unexpected death throws her grown son (Reynolds) together with his estranged father (Willem Dafoe) as the family tries to pick up the pieces.

Did it feel strange for Roberts to age in a film? She smiled, "I'm thinking I need to use more night cream if this is where I'm headed."

Roberts was also pregnant with her son, Henry, now 4, while making "Fireflies." The star explained, "You can really see how pregnant I was, and I think that will be thrilling for all the kids to see."

Her twins, Hazel and Phineas, will be 7 in November -- and Julia can't believe it. "The passage of time is something that is just so mysterious... it just goes faster and faster."

Roberts, too, will be celebrating a birthday October 28. Any big plans? "No, probably not. You know dinner or something." But she did say her husband, cinematographer Danny Moder, will probably do something special. "The man's going to step up. He always does."

"Fireflies in the Garden" floats into theaters Friday, October 14.