George Clooney on Skinny Dipping and Adopting Sandra Bullock

Actor George Clooney cracked wise with "Extra" correspondent AJ Calloway at the NYC premiere of "The Ides of March," joking about the rumored swimming with the cast in Lake Como -- sans clothes -- and about making Sandra Bullock part of his family.

"Yes, I'm going to adopt Sandy," laughed Clooney, responding to recent pics of him and Bullock with baby Louis in London. "That's what I'm doing."

As for the alleged skinny-dipping at his Italian villa, where stars of the political drama took some time off together, Clooney said it didn't exactly happen that way. "They weren't fully naked, which is unfortunate, but there were people jumping in."

Photos! At "The Ides of March" Premiere

Clooney's "Ides" co-star, Evan Rachel Wood, admitted she swam in her underwear. "I mean, you know, I was in my skivvies. But I cannot speak for other people that were there."

Did George go the full Monty? Marisa Tomei, who plays a reporter in the film, replied, "He didn't... but we imagined he did."

Clooney added, "I've never skinny dipped in that lake."

"The Ides of March" starts its campaign in theaters Friday.