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Michael Jackson Trial Day 3: Delayed 911 Call, Crying Kids

In day three of the involuntary manslaughter trial against Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray, witnesses Wednesday gave accounts of Jackson's children finding the singer unresponsive on his bedroom floor, and how Murray had no clue what to do.

Faheem Muhammad, ex-chief of Jackson's security team, testified that he received a panicked call from Murray. The security chief rushed to the singer's bedroom and saw Murray and another guard already in the room, along with Jackson's oldest children, Prince and Paris.

"Paris was on the ground balled-up crying and Prince, he was just standing there, he had a real shocked -- just slowly crying -- look on his face," Muhammad said.

Muhammad added that around the same time, Murray asked him and the other guard, "Does anybody know CPR?"

Another witness said Dr. Murray telephoned the King of Pop's assistant, Michael Smith, before calling an ambulance. Williams testified that he called Murray back and was told Jackson had suffered "a bad reaction."

Williams added, "When I hear a 'bad reaction,' I wouldn't think anything fatal, personally, and I wasn't asked to call 911."

Prosecutors maintain Murray used the powerful anesthetic propofol as a sleep aid for Jackson, while the defense says the pop icon self-administered additional propofol, leading to an overdose.