Grace on Wardrobe Slip: 'Maybe That's Why I Got an Eight!

"Dancing with the Stars" contestant Nancy Grace's wardrobe malfunction busted out all over the internet after Monday night's performance.

At the conclusion of her dance with partner Tristan MacManus, Grace popped out of the top of her dress, prompting a quick adjustment. Tom Bergeron cracked, "On the European version that would be perfectly fine."

Grace was still adjusting as she joked backstage with "Extra" correspondent Renee Bargh, "Maybe that's why I got an eight!"

The HLN host had a tense week of rehearsal, confessing, "My nerves were on the edge." But she did say she had a "lucky charm in my bra" -- showing a picture of her twins -- er, her children, that is.

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Meanwhile, other contestants were dealing with other issues; Rob Kardashian was troubled by his lack of experience, while Chaz Bono struggled with bad knees. "I'm in a bit of pain. I've got to get an X-ray and make sure there's no real damage."

The one thing the "DWTS" dancers can be happy about is losing weight. Chaz said he's lost over 10 pounds, while the night's leading contestant, Ricki Lake, said she's lost 12 inches in three weeks.

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UPDATE: Grace told TMZ there was no nip slip, but instead it was a Breast Petal. She explained, "When I got dressed, I was wearing Petals (nipple covers) and an industrial strength bra ... my dancing dress also had a bra sewn into it."