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Taylor Lautner on 'Abduction': 'There's Something for Everyone'

New action star Taylor Lautner is excited about his thriller, "Abduction." He even invited good friends Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez to see it.

"Justin was loving the action and Selena was loving the romance," said Lautner. "There's something in it for everyone."

Taylor plays a typical high-schooler who discovers his baby photo on a missing persons website and is soon caught up in intrigue, running for his life.

The "Twilight" hunk explained, "What I love about this movie is it does have all the action, very exciting, and I love doing the stunt work, but it challenged me as an actor."

What was his favorite stunt during the film? "The most exciting was the very opening of the movie where I'm on the hood of a truck, flying down the road."

Watch all the action when "Abduction" hits theaters Friday.