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Mark Wahlberg Says an 'Entourage' Movie is the 'Goal'

Actor/producer Mark Wahlberg stopped to chat with "Extra" host Mario Lopez on the 2011 Emmys red carpet and said an "Entourage" movie is a very strong possibility.

"Yeah, for sure. You saw the way it ended. After the credits, Jeremy Piven's character is in Italy with his wife and he gets a big phone call," explained Wahlberg, who co-produces the HBO show. "I think that's obviously going to cause a lot of tension within his relationship. And the guys are going to have to go back to where it started. We've been talking about the movie non-stop. That's the goal."

Wahlberg is also jazzed about the upcoming Season 2 of "Boardwalk Empire," his other HBO producing project. "The season is phenomenal. There's a lot more at stake and everybody's after Nucky. I don't want to give anything away. You're welcome to come to my house and I'll screen the whole thing for you. It's fantastic."

He gushed about his lead actor, Steve Buscemi. "Steve Buscemi is literally one of the greatest living actors. Period. I'm just so glad that he finally got the platform to show his talents. He's just on another level. The whole cast is great... These guys are inspiring me to elevate my game."

The second season of "Boardwalk Empire" premieres Sunday, September 25 on HBO.