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Video! Dr. Oz vs. Arsenic in Apple Juice

An apple a day keeps the controversy away. In Wednesday's episode of his syndicated show, celebrity physician Dr. Mehmet Oz revealed there is arsenic in apple juice, but had to defend his findings on "Good Morning America" Thursday.

Dr. Oz conducted an extensive national investigation and said elevated high levels of arsenic were present in some brand-name apple juices.

Watch the Dr. Oz segment!

Then Dr. Oz found himself in the hot seat on "Good Morning America" when he was called out by Dr. Richard Besser for "faulty" information. The Oz study focuses on inorganic apple juices, in which the toxin is found, as opposed to the organic kind, which does not have arsenic.

Check out the doctor debate on "GMA"!

Dr. Drew Pinsky talked to "Extra" and said a little concern about giving apple juice to your kids isn't a bad thing. "Bottom line is we really don't know, but if I had young kids, I'd think twice before feeding them apple juice."