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Alec Baldwin's Bromance Breakup?

Actor Alec Baldwin may have to end the bromance with his pal, "Extra" correspondent AJ Calloway, now that the "30 Rock" star has a new lady in his life, yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas.

Calloway caught up with Baldwin while at the launch of the September issue of Hamptons magazine, where Calloway admitted he took Thomas' yoga class. Baldwin laughed, "Oh, from the looks of it. You don't need my help in breaking us up, baby!"

All kidding aside, Baldwin is looking noticeably trimmer these days, thanks to his new routine. "Yoga is not something where you can start to stretch yourself that way then take a break for six months and come back and pick up where you left off. I find, truly, that if you something that you stick with, it's the best thing for you."

As for those rumors he's running for Mayor of New York, Baldwin explained, "That's a big job, but we'll see. I have it in my heart. I would do something like that in the next couple of years. But I still have to do the TV show for another year."

Speaking of "30 Rock," Tina Fey and the cast are soon headed back to the studio. Baldwin said, "She had her daughter Penelope. She's healthy, and her baby's healthy. We go back to work October 3."

Look for an all new "30 Rock" in January, 2012.