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The Highest-Paid Men in Entertainment

Forbes magazine has calculated which gentlemen have amassed the most cash in the entertainment industry, from May 2010 to May 2011.

Find out who is No. 1!

Top 10 Highest-Paid Men in Entertainment

10. Tiger Woods

$75 million Woods has struggled on — and off — the golf course since his 2009 personal problems but he's still the world's best-paid athlete.

9. Howard Stern

$76 million Stern has renewed with SiriusXM satellite radio through 2015 but analysts estimate he took a 20 percent cut on his new deal.

8. Leonardo DiCaprio

$77 million DiCaprio is the only actor to make our list thanks to two big movies in 2010: "Shutter Island" and "Inception," which combined grossed $1.1 billion worldwide.

7. Dr. Phil McGraw

$80 million Dr. Phil is the most successful of Oprah's proteges. He's started creating his own little empire with a spin-off show called "The Doctors," which is produced by his son Jay.

6. James Patterson

$84 million Writer Patterson oversaw 20 best-selling books in 2010 alone. He works with a rotating group of co-authors to churn out books in his "Alex Cross" and "Women's Murder Club" series.

5. Simon Cowell

4. Elton John

$100 million John's most recent tour grossed $204 million in 12 months.

3. Steven Spielberg

$107 million Spielberg will compete against himself this fall at the box office with the films "War Horse" and "The Adventures of Tintin."

2. Jerry Bruckheimer

$113 million Bruckheimer had another hit this summer, with the fourth installment of the "Pirates of the Caribbean," which earned $1 billion worldwide.

1. Tyler Perry

$130 million Perry makes big money from his TV shows ("Meet the Browns" and "House of Payne") as well as his movies. He'll take on the role of detective Alex Cross in a big screen adaptation of the James Patterson books. Source: Forbes.com