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Madonna on the Hydrangea Revenge Video: 'I Can Make Fun of Myself'

"W.E" director Madonna expressed her dislike of hydrangeas last week at the Venice Film Festival after a fan handed her a stem at a press conference.

Not knowing her mic was on, the pop queen said, "I absolutely loathe hydrangeas," sparking some media attention on the incident. Madonna managed to recover from the awkward situation by releasing a funny "Love Letter to Hydrangeas" video and telling "Extra's" Jerry Penacoli, "I can make fun of myself!"

In her latest project, "W.E.," Madonna wrote, produced and directed the love story of King Edward VIII and American divorcee Wallis Simpson. "I think I can relate to the idea that people can often be misunderstood."

During the filmmaking process, the superstar said she drew inspiration from men in her past, explaining, "I was and am attracted to very creative people, which is why I married Sean Penn and Guy Ritchie. They definitely gave me support."

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