Chuck Roast: 'This is Like the Friggin' Super Bowl!'

To the honoree, Comedy Central's "Roast of Charlie Sheen" felt like a "winning" moment.

"I didn't think it would be like this," Sheen told "Extra" host Maria Menounos on the red carpet before the show Saturday. "This is like the friggin' Super Bowl!"

What was the TV actor expecting during the roast? "I think there's six or seven pretty easy grabs. It should be a decent skewering, you know?"

Roastmaster Seth MacFarlane agreed, saying, "Eventually he realized this was inevitable, and he said, 'Might as well get it over with.'"

"Private Practice" star Kate Walsh was also on-hand to jab Sheen a bit, but she said she admired him for being able to take the jokes. "That's one of the great things is that Charlie was able to sit there and be a good sport about all of it."

Some of the roast highlights included "Jackass" prankster Steve-O paying tribute to Sheen by running into Mike Tyson's fist on stage, apparently breaking his nose.

The "Roast of Charlie Sheen" will air September 19 on Comedy Central, opposite the debut of Ashton Kutcher on Sheen's former CBS sitcom, "Two and a Half Men."

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