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Taylor Armstrong 'Moved' by 'Housewives' Premiere

A tearful and emotional Taylor Armstrong watched a copy of Bravo's re-edited version of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" premiere several days before it aired on Monday, according to RadarOnline. "She was very moved by heartfelt comments made by each of the Housewives following Russell's suicide. There were a lot of tears shed as she watched the episode," a source close to Taylor revealed.

"Taylor didn't watch the season premiere with any of the Housewives. Kyle, Adrienne and Lisa are in New York City doing press for the show. However, Kyle did call Taylor to check-in with her. Kyle and Taylor are very close. Taylor was very emotional watching it, but she is very supportive of how Bravo is handling Russell's suicide. Taylor believes that watching the show now will be cathartic and healing for her," the insider said.

During the show, Kyle Richards suggested Russell had a difficult time dealing with his failing finances, saying, "Financial status is so important [here], you need to keep this front of what you have."

Richards continued, "As difficult as it is, life goes on... it has to." Kyle also appeared on the "Today" show, saying, "She [Taylor] thought they handled it respectfully, and in light of the situation she was pleased with the outcome."

Bravo re-worked the season premiere, cutting out Taylor's trip to a lingerie boutique to "spice up her marriage." A controversial dinner party remained in the show, which had Lisa's husband Ken Todd making explosive comments about Taylor and her relationship with her late husband. Todd remarked, "If I had to go see a therapist to make my marriage better, I would feel weak."

Taylor fired back, "Did he just call me weak for trying to work on my own mental health and to save my marriage for my child?"

US Weekly reported that "Housewives" producers added a confessional by Ken to soften the blow. "I'm an old Englishman and maybe I shouldn't have said anything," Todd said.

In the meantime, the Armstrongs' 5-year-old daughter, Kennedy, has begun school, and "Taylor is trying to put her life back together," the source added.

The show's conclusion featured a PSA about suicide prevention and awareness.