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Craig Ferguson Jokes about White Powder Scare

In his opening monologue, "Late Late" talk show host Craig Ferguson addressed the reason production was delayed Tuesday night. A package containing white powder had arrived earlier in the day, causing two of the show's employees who opened it to be placed in isolation.

The package ultimately turned out to be harmless and was later determined to have originated in Europe, but Ferguson called the situation "scary" and "very frightening," especially in the wake of David Letterman's recent terrorist threats, as his company, Worldwide Pants, produces the show.

"Nowadays, white powder in the mail is bad," said Ferguson. "I called CBS security and they said, 'We're busy.' So I said, 'I am a personal friend of Drew Carey,' and they sent somebody over right away."

"I was going to talk about the earthquake tonight," Ferguson concluded. "I can't do that though. The earthquake only scared millions of people on the East Coast, but the white powder did something much worse -- it scared me."