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Al Pacino: Say Hello to My Little Blu-ray of 'Scarface'

"Extra" correspondent Jerry Penacoli caught up with Al Pacino at the "Scarface" special edition Blu-ray release party, where they talked about the signature film and why it has endured as a fan favorite over the years.

Pacino pondered, "I don't know. I wish I knew because I would try to make another one."

When it was released in 1983, there was a lot of controversy over the film's ultra-violence. The actor says that "if it opened next week, it would be the same controversy." Pacino added, "I think that's the nature of this beast."

Now, after 28 years, Pacino, 71, reunited with some of his "Scarface" co-stars at the party, including F. Murray Abraham, who told Penacoli to ask Pacino to do his one-legged golfer.

The "Scent of a Woman" Oscar winner laughed, "You do it all on one leg like this, and in those days I could do that. I don't know if I can hold that now, but anyways [the joke goes], he winds up after five minutes of preparing to swing and goes backwards and falls."

As for his role in the upcoming film "Gotti: The Shadow of My Father," Pacino said, "I don't know. I'm playing one of 'em!"

The "Scarface" Blu-ray Limited "Steelbook" Edition hits shelves September 6.