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Julianne Hough Still 'Footloose' with Ryan Seacrest

"Footloose" starlet Julianne Hough said she loved attending Kim Kardashian's wedding over the weekend, but she and boyfriend Ryan Seacrest are not following suit any time soon.

julianne-hough and ryan-seacrest.jpg

"I'm not anywhere near a wedding right now, but it was a beautiful wedding!" Hough gushed to "Extra" about the Kardashian-Humphries nuptials.

Talking with the dancer/actress at the "Footloose" junket, in which she stars as Ariel Moore, Hough said she was named (at the wedding) one of the best-dressed guests, high-fivin' her "Footloose" co-star Kenny Wormald on the accomplishment.

Hough laughed, "It was awesome! You're at the Kardashian wedding, there's like a gazillion people there, if that dress was on somebody else it would have been unbelievable as well. That dress was to die for. It's vintage and amazing."

As for their upcoming remake of the 1980s cult favorite, Wormald said, "If you have seen and do love the original, I think you're cool. You're going love this, even if you are worried about what we did with the new 'Footloose.'"

Dance 'til you drop when "Footloose" hits theaters October 14.