Crystal Harris Tells Dr. Drew Why She Left Hef

Former Playmate Crystal Harris -- who has been labeled everything from a gold digger to a runaway bride after her romance with Playboy magnate Hugh Hefner - talks to Dr. Drew Pinsky about the cruel headlines and her reasons for walking away.

"If I was what people think I am, I would have stuck it out for another year," admitted Harris, saying the proof is in the pre-nuptial agreement she signed. "I was to get a gift of $800K the day after my wedding and $500K tax free every year after."

If she didn't marry Hefner, however, she would receive nothing. The model said it didn't matter. "I turned it down, walked away. I left because I realized money was not the most important thing in life."

Before she met Hefner, Crystal was a San Diego college student who at age 12 lost her father to cancer. At 20, her childhood sweetheart and one true love was killed in Iraq. Dr. Drew asked Harris about her possible abandonment/grief issues as a reason she moved in with Hefner just weeks after meeting him.

Harris agreed, "Maybe I was kind of broken, looking for a safe haven. The mansion's a perfect place."

Then when Hefner proposed, she just couldn't say no. "Wow, this is Hugh Hefner wanting to marry me? I must be, you know, somebody special!" But Harris said she started having second thoughts right after she said yes to Hef.

Harris says she has no regrets -- except for her insensitive comments about her sex life with Hef, which she talked about on the Howard Stern show. She said she apologized to the Playboy publisher and they are now good friends.

Dr. Drew wondered about her future life, if Harris thinks a new boyfriend might worry she'll run out on him (she is rumored to be dating Dr. Phil McGraw's son, Jordan). Harris responded confidently, "I wouldn't run out on the right person."