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Kim Kardashian: 'Today's the Day!'

Bride-to-be Kim Kardashian gave her fans a chance to wish her well on her wedding day by posting a "virtual wedding guestbook" on her official website.

kim-kardashian and kris-humphries.jpg

The reality TV star wrote, "I can't believe it's finally here! Thank you so much to everyone who made this day happen!!!!! Even though you can't all be there to help me celebrate today, it would mean so much to me if you would sign my 'Virtual Wedding Guestbook' by leaving a comment below! You guys mean the world to me, and I want to thank you for all your love and support. I love you!!! Xo Kim"

Kim's family also tweeted their excitement. Little sister Kylie Jenner wrote, "OMG! My sister is getting married today too! #excited."

While mother-of-the-bride KrisJenner tweeted, "I want to tell all of my twitterdolls how much I appreciate all of your beautiful well wishes for @KimKardashian wedding! God is so good!!"

Stay tuned for more details on the Kardashian-Humphries nuptials!