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Vote! Which Star Couple Will Make It?

"Extra" talked with vedic astrologer Carol Allen -- who studies how the positions of planets and the time of birth shape someone's love life -- and analyzed some of the recent celebrity breakups and hookups.


On Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, Allen said Lopez tends to jump into relationships quickly. "Moon Scorpio women leap without looking. We call her J.Lo. We need to call her J.Slow," while Anthony "has a sun, Pluto combination. Pluto is all about control and being dominant."

On Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, Allen explained Schwarzenegger's chart. "He has this sort of deviant, scandalous combination in the House of Secrets and Mad Pleasures."

On Jennifer Aniston and her new man Justin Theroux, Allen ironically equates their relationship with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. "The very same 'wow' chemistry combinations that Brad and Angie have, Jennifer now has with Justin."

Finally, will George Clooney ever settle down? "George has the stars of a playboy and he should stay that way," stated Allen.

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