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Kris Jenner Cops to Being 'Momzilla' and Opens Up about Plastic Surgery

"Keeping Up with the Kardashians" matriarch Kris Jenner chatted with "Extra's" Renee Bargh about her recent plastic surgery -- and about her daughter Kim Kardashian's upcoming wedding.


Jenner admitted the plastic surgery wasn't that big of a change. "I mean it pretty much looks the same. I didn't have anything done to my eyes, nose or mouth. Nobody notices the difference. I'm waiting for somebody to say something."

She laughingly added, "I went in actually to get my boobs done. I thought I'll do this and completely changed gears at the last minute. My surgeon is Garth Fisher; he's amazing, a good friend and always tells it like it is. When I went in he said 'You don't need to do that.'"

As for Kim's big day, Jenner admitted to being a bit of a "control freak." She laughed, "Kind of a momzilla. Yeah, I'd have to admit that. I'm a little... I get really excited. "

On the rumors Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were going to attend Kim's wedding, Jenner couldn't divulge too much. "I don't know. I am just the mother of the bride. I can't say who is coming and who is not. I would have to kill you if I gave you that information."

Jenner did say Bieber and Gomez are good friends with Kim. There is even a rumor the Biebs wants to set up a date between Jenner's daughter Kendall and one of his pals. "I think that he would like to introduce Kendall to one of his buddies. Maybe they'll go on a group date."

Finally, is it true son Rob may be joining "Dancing with the Stars"? The reality TV mom replied, "I don't know about that. He's a terrible dancer, but if they asked, we would probably have to talk him into that one. I don't know."

Tune in to "Extra" Wednesday for more of our interview with Kris!