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Denise Richards: 'I Give Brooke Mueller a Lot of Credit'

Actress and author Denise Richards sat down with "Extra" correspondent Adrianna Costa to talk about her new book, "The Real Girl Next Door," life with ex Charlie Sheen -- and her relationship with another ex Mrs. Sheen, Brooke Mueller.

"Their boys are my daughters' half-brothers," explained Richards. "I give Brooke a lot of credit. I know that she's struggling with her addiction and she wants to be the best mom she can be."

As for Sheen, Richards said they have a "good friendship," adding, "I've become his confidante and he is mine."

Of her new memoir, Richards said one of the reasons she wrote it was for all those out there who have been through a divorce. "People can't relate being married to Charlie Sheen and divorced from him, but they can relate to going through divorce and the feelings that come up from that -- the anger, guilt and sadness."

Richards' attentions right now are on baby Eloise. "Right now, I'm focused on my new baby daughter, who is only 7 weeks old."