Amy Winehouse Reached Out to Dr. Drew

Singer Amy Winehouse, who was found dead in her London apartment Saturday, apparently tried to contact Dr. Drew Pinsky in her final days.

During his weekly call on KROQ, an L.A. radio station, the addiction expert told the morning show host Kevin and Bean the late singer tried to call him.


"I found out yesterday that, believe it or not, she was trying to contact me -- which was weird," explained Dr. Drew.

What advice would Dr. Drew have given Amy if he reached her in time? "Go away and stay away for a long time. Don't even think about your career. That doesn't matter. It's all about saving your life."

Winehouse's parents said they believe their daughter may have died from alcohol withdrawal, but Dr. Drew told "Extra" that probably wasn't the case. "You can die from alcohol withdrawal... I doubt that is what happened. When alcohol withdrawal itself is fatal, it's a progressive, severe illness... it's not like they drop dead."

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