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Casey Anthony's Champagne Pictures and Million-Dollar Dreams

Is Casey Anthony going into hiding in Mexico? How much will the first photo of her fetch? Who will nab the first interview with the so-called Tot Mom?


"Extra's" Jerry Penacoli sat down with movie producer and former spokesperson for the Anthony family, Larry Garrison, to talk about all the swirling rumors. Garrison speculated that Casey Anthony could be headed to Mexico.

"I was told she would be staying at her attorney's home in Mexico," said Garrison.

According to Garrison, Casey's lawyer, Jose Baez, also took photos of Casey on a beach in Florida and told her "not to look in the camera" so the pics would appear more candid and earn more money from a potential buyer. Another money-making scheme could be to sell a set of pictures of Anthony taken on a private jet leaving Florida.

"They were partying on the jet and there were pictures of Casey drinking champagne and they wanted to broker those photos," Garrison revealed, adding, "All of this is being orchestrated by Jose Baez. I've spoken to him many times and his mentality was making money."

TV producer Al Taylor claimed on Nancy Grace that he met with Casey in Palm Springs, and only had one thing on her mind. "The first thing she [Casey] said when we had the meeting was, 'Where's my check?' I tried to explain to her that we're willing to put a $50,000 deposit down, but obviously can't give her the million dollars and say, 'See ya in a week.' I don't quite trust her for that."

A new report from TMZ says Baez is in New York meeting with major networks to determine who will score the first interview with Casey.

No matter how big her paycheck or who forks it over, the Feds could be the big winner, as the IRS has already issued a lien on her, for nearly $70,000 in unpaid taxes.

UPDATE: Jose Baez released a statement through New York-based RMT PR Management on Friday, saying: "Contrary to recent published reports, I am not negotiating any paid interviews with anyone."