Get Fit at The Grove with Booiaka Creator Tatiana Tamai!

Booiaka creator Tatiana Tamai gave a free class for "Extra" friends at The Grove!

What is Booiaka? This exercise program is a serious cardio dance workout with upbeat music and heart-pumping choreography, but the emphasis is on having fun, releasing your spirit and feeling the beat. Getting your heart rate up and a sweat-drenched workout is just a sweet side effect.

This revolutionary system teaches students to learn a different choreography in each class; styles of dance like Reggaeton, Jamaican, Hip Hop and Brazilian -- and it appeals to all ages and fitness levels, whether you have a dance background or not. Its method of teaching allows anyone to be able to dance, even those who never thought they could dance and workout at the same time.

For more information or to find a Booiaka class, please visit the official website!