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Howard Stern's Hidden Talent Revealed

"Extra" special correspondent Beth Stern sat down for a one-on-one interview with her husband, morning radio host Howard Stern, at the Hampton's hotspot "The Bathing Club at Capri" to celebrate Beth's new cover for Hamptons Magazine.

As an amateur photographer, Howard snapped shots of his wife for the cover, saying, "I really wasn't planning on this being a cover. But I'm very excited that I've been doing photography now for three months and now I'm on a cover, doing a cover shoot. There was a lot of pressure, but I'm happy and pleased with it. Honey, you're easy to make look good."

Beth laughed, "You have gotten better because you were really annoying at first. I'd be taking a bath and you'd come in and click, click, click. I'd be sleeping and click, click, click, but now we've come to a nice place."

Howard added, "Beth was getting dressed for the party and she said to me, 'I might wear this or I might wear this... take a picture of it, so I can see how I look in it.' Then she started to take her clothes off and I did get a couple semi-nude -- not erotic shots, you perverts! They were tasteful art pieces."

She asked her hubby why he gave up his love of chess to take up photography. "Chess was becoming an obsession. I felt that after three years as a hobby, I have reached pretty much where I was gonna go. In my dreams, I would start to see chess games. I said, 'This is not good for me,' so I took up photography."

The Sterns' other guilty pleasure is "The Bachelorette." Howard said, "When we watch 'The Bachelorette,' everyone one is quiet. We love 'The Bachlorette,' darling, don't we?"

One thing is for sure, the Sterns are madly in love. "Let's make everyone throw up... it was the best decision I ever made marrying you, and thank you for marrying me," gushed Howard.