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Jaycee Dugard Hidden in Plain Sight; Oprah Outraged

Kidnap survivor Jaycee Dugard's interview with ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer on Sunday was one of the most watched programs on the network, bringing in 14.8 million viewers. The 31-year-old survivor talked about her 18-year ordeal of abuse and torture at the hands of Nancy and Phillip Garrido.

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When asked why she never tried to escape with her two daughters, Jaycee explained, "I've asked myself that question... the mind manipulation, plus the physical abuse I suffered in the beginning, there was no leaving. I was being told the outside world was dangerous."

The fact Jaycee was in the backyard when parole officers came to the Garrido home to ask questions confounds many.

"20/20's" co-anchor Chris Cuomo said, "She got taken by a man who had people coming to his house 60 times during that period. Jaycee Dugard was right in the damn backyard!"

Other celebrities took their Twitter accounts to give their reactions. Oprah Winfrey wrote, "Failure after failure, neglect in the Jaycee Dugard case sickening. This ought to be a wake up call for the parole system ... Don't we love Jaycee's resilience? She is remarkable. Much to teach us all. Have pre-ordered the book."

Kim Kardashian tweeted, "I'm watching this Diane Sawyer interview with Jaycee Lee Dugard... this is so so sad. Such a shocking story!" while Roseanne Barr wrote, "jaycee dugard is an amazing human being and diane sawyer is an amazingly empathetic interviewer of great skill."

Jaycee, whose book, "A Stolen Life," is in stores Tuesday, described how she is moving forward. "I don't feel like I have this rage inside of me that's building. I refuse to let him have that. He can't have me."