David Beckham: Soccer, Royals, and Baby Girl

"Extra's" Adrianna Costa caught up with soccer superstar David Beckham this past weekend at the kick-off party for the new L.A. Galaxy third uniform, and asked how he and wife Victoria are feeling about the impending birth of their fourth child, their first girl!

"It's very exciting, very close now," gushed Beckham. He also shed light on rumors that good friend Eva Longoria might be the baby's godmother.

"Ah no. We haven't made any decisions on godmothers or godfathers yet," said Beckham. "We've got a lot of great friends out there and Eva's one of them, but we haven't made any decisions yet."

Beckham did say his three sons are excited about meeting their little sister. "The room is ready. The clothes are hung up. The boys are so excited as well."

Asked if he thought he'd be more protective, Beckham responded, "I don't know. I'm pretty protective over my sons, but she's going to obviously have three boys to look after her, so she's going to be well protected."

As for the impending L.A. visit of royal newlyweds Prince William and Kate Middleton, Beckham hopes he'll get a chance to spend some time with his friends.

"They're here for two days and their schedule is always so busy wherever they go, but hopefully we'll get to see them, even for five minutes to say hello."

The L.A. Galaxy's next game will be Saturday, July 9.