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Exclusive 'Extra' Video! Tom Hanks Scoots In... to 'Larry Crowne'

Tom Hanks is making scooters look cool again in his newest flick, "Larry Crowne."

The actor rode in on the two-wheeler to the red carpet premiere and "Extra" brings you exclusive video of Tom making his grand entrance!

Hanks, jokingly said of his cute ride, "We sent out the word, 'Dee, dee, dee, dee... calling all scooters, calling all scooters,' and we showed up and we're gonna have a dandy parade!"

When asked what other kinds of dare-devilish activities he is involved in, the actor replied, "I've been known to go on 'Extra' without any script or preconceived knowledge of what the questions are going to be, and that, my friend, is free-fallin'! You're in high country when you're up there doin' that stuff."