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Will Casey Anthony Cash In?

As the tense courtroom proceedings in the Casey Anthony case continue, the chances of Anthony receiving a not guilty verdict are reportedly getting slimmer every day, along with the possibility of her ever cashing in on her high-profile story.


Legal commentator Dan Abrams explains, "Those who are worried Casey Anthony will somehow become a rich woman as a result of this case should probably rest assure that it's an unlikely scenario based on what is happening."

The dramatic story has taken a shocking new turn as the National Enquirer claims Anthony is pregnant. The tabloid reports Casey is weeks into her pregnancy and hopes a baby bump will convince the jury to keep her from receiving a death sentence.

"Extra" Lifechanger Dr. Drew Pinsky is covering the case every night on his self-titled HLN show and believes Anthony should not take the stand. "The fact that Casey is known to be an egregious, despicable parent makes it impossible for the defense to put her on the stand, and that may do her in," the doc explains.

Dan Abrams agrees, saying, "If she does [take the stand], the prosecutors are absolutely going to destroy her on the witness stand."