Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks: Buddies All Around

Co-starring with her close pal Tom Hanks in the new comedy "Larry Crowne," Julia Roberts laughed about the awkward kissing scenes, saying, "I just had to go for it 'cause he's my buddy and his wife is my buddy and they're friends with my husband. It gets complicated in all kinds of ways. That's another movie. I mean, it's just weird!"

It's no secret these two stars enjoy working together, so much so, Roberts professes being with Hanks doesn't even feel like work!

Tom and Julia Cover W Magazine

Tom arrived to the premiere of "Larry Crowne" on a Vespa... without his beautiful co-star clinging from behind. "You know, it's not for the fainthearted and she's [Julia] got three kids, so she's not going to risk anything," the actor laughed.

Check out their latest interview with "Extra" and see "Larry Crowne" when it zooms into theaters on Friday!