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BET Viewers' Choice Screw Up: And the Winner Isn't...

A lucky BET viewer, Tiffany Green, was chosen to present the Viewers' Choice Award at the show on Sunday evening, but there was confusion over who the winner was, with the wrong name being shown on the teleprompter. Green, a huge Nicki Minaj fan, first announced Chris Brown's name, before saying, "I'm sorry, the winner is Rihanna."

BET personality Terrence Jenkins stepped in and corrected Green, telling the audience the winner was Drake, who walked on stage and said, "Well, this is awkward."

The mistake doesn't end there. It turns out Chris Brown really was the winner, giving him a total of four wins for the night.

Green took to Twitter to blame BET for the error, explaining, "The tablet f****n said CHRIS BROWN....the TELEPROMPTER said Rihanna. What the f***??????"

Stephen G. Hill, a BET executive, later tweeted, "That BET Awards Viewers' Choice mix-up was due to human error. And I was the human that made that error. I apologize to ALL affected."