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Video! Justin Bieber Attacked in New York

Singer Justin Bieber got a little too close to fans on Thursday -- and was shaken up in a scuffle.

Bieber was making his way to a Macy's store in NYC to promote his new fragrance, when he deviated from the planned route to greet fans outside -- and the crowd surged.


A man, who has now been identified as a plainclothes police officer, jumped the barricade in an attempt to protect the singer, TMZ reports, but Bieber became defensive thinking he was a crazy fan. A member of Bieber's security team immediately grabbed the cop and tried to pull him away.

The police office quickly identified himself -- and ended up citing the security team member who intervened for disorderly conduct.


The 17-year-old Canadian singing sensation was not injured, and continued the event unfazed.

Bieber's rep released a statement Friday, saying, "This was a momentary, well-intentioned misunderstanding that was quickly resolved, and the event went very well."