Lifechangers: Foods to Boost Your Sex Life!

"Extra" Lifechanger and dermatologist Dr. Nicholas Perricone reveals the superfoods that can reverse the aging process, help you lose weight -- and even stimulate your sex life!

"People on no-fat or low/fat diets are depressed," explained the physician. "They have no sex drive, so add lots of fresh salmon and olive oil on your salads. Those are real simple things we can do to increase our sex drive."

"Another great superfood is watercress," said Dr. Perricone. "Women come to me and say, 'I'm retaining water, what can I do? Give me a diuretic, doctor.' A bowl of watercress will do the same thing."

As for the rule to drink eight glasses of water a day, the doctor stressed it's a must. "If you're slightly dehydrated, you'll gain approximately two pounds every two months, so drink the water!"

What about cellulite, how can you get rid of it? "Eat an anti-inflammatory diet. Fresh fruits, vegetables, lots of cold water fish, and it will help to some extent."