'True Blood' Countdown: Ryan Kwanten at The Grove!

Aussie actor Ryan Kwanten, who plays Sookie Stackhouse's beleaguered brother Jason, stopped by The Grove to give his take on the upcoming Season 4.

"There are more supernatural characters," Kwanten explained. "There's more romance, there's more violence. Everything you usually love about the show, but sort of amplified."

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And what's in store for Jason? "Things kind of take a little turn for the worst for Jason," Kwanten hedged. "He has to fight for his life. He may not even survive it!"

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As for the character's love life, Kwanten said, "Any girl that comes remotely close to Jason ends up dead, and she may have the same effect on him."

Find out what happens to Jason and the rest of the "True Blood" gang when the hit HBO show premieres Sunday, June 26.