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Video! Maria Shriver Says 'Yes' to Receiving Child Support

Former California First Lady Maria Shriver admits that estranged husband Arnold Schwarzenegger is giving her child support payments.

Watch her response, courtesy of PopTV.com!

Shriver has yet to officially file for divorce. Along with child support, Schwarzenegger is also paying the "private school bills" for his sons, Patrick and Christopher, according to RadarOnline.com.

"Maria wants to get a fair divorce settlement and move on with her life," the source told RadarOnline. "She has already begun to do so. She and Arnold talk quite often, it would surprise people how gracious Maria is being about the entire situation. Maria doesn't want the kids to suffer because of stupid decisions their father made."

Meanwhile, Schwarzenegger recently spoke at an environmental conference in Austria, where he remarked in German that he misses "the music of Mozart" and a "juicy wienerschnitzel." The 63-year-old added, "I am extremely happy to be here again."