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Cy Waits No More! Paris Hilton's Single Reality

Paris Hilton confirmed she has split with Las Vegas club promoter Cy Waits. Hilton revealed the scoop to George Lopez on Tuesday's "Lopez Tonight."

"We're not together anymore," Hilton told Lopez. "I love him, and we remain really good friends... I just feel like the relationship ran its course."

Lopez played a dramatic clip from Hilton's reality show, "The World According to Paris," in which she and Waits were involved in a heated argument at a club. Cy calmly told his soon-to-be-ex, "Get the f*** away from me. Get the f*** out of here before I ask security to throw you out of here." The socialite then slapped Waits across the face before storming out.

Paris, cringing a bit and putting her head in her hands after seeing the clip, smiled as the audience cheered and Lopez prompted her for a high-five.

The reality star, 30, first began dating Waits in the spring of 2010, shortly after splitting from baseball player Douglas Reinhardt. Hilton and Waits were even spotted shopping for engagement rings back in February.