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Travolta on His Lifechangers Mission and Father's Day Plans

Actor John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston sat down with "Extra's" Terri Seymour for an exclusive interview, in which the actor gushed about his lifesaving mission to heal America's heroes.

Travolta, honored by the Heroes Health Fund, a national charity overseeing the rehabilitation of first responders, firefighters, police officers and military personnel, shared his concern over America's heroes and the health challenges they face. "After September 11, I observed the ill effects of the chemicals the firefighters, police and EMTs were exposed to."

"Then I got to do this movie called 'Ladder 49,' and with my own eyes I got to see all the friends I made, who trained me in the movie, that they were suffering from ailments," Travolta revealed.

Through the Heroes Health Fund, first responders can be treated using a therapeutic detoxification regimen consisting largely of exercise, time in a sauna and a diet of antioxidants. "It's not easy. It's a lot of vitamins, a lot of oils, a lot of sweating, but you know, the product is health," the actor explained. To find out more about Heroes Health Fund, click here.

Travolta also said he was looking forward to celebrating Father's Day with his kids. "Honestly, if I get to spend the day with the kids in the pool, or something fun like that, it would be a great Father's Day for me."

Their son Benjamin, born last year, is already crawling, with his proud father telling Terri, "Gosh, he's amazing!" Preston added, "He's just dreamy. He's so happy and alive and smart and wonderful." Daughter Ella Bleu is 11.

Travolta explained the key to his and Preston's long-lasting marriage. "Communication is number one, but our church does a lot to help us keep together. When we have issues, we go settle it up, and if you don't do that you kind of get stale a little bit."

As for his upcoming Gotti movie, the actor is excited about the cast. "We've got Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, got Kelly, uhh myself!" The film is due in theaters next year.