Larry King on Retirement: 'I Have More Time with the Kids'

Former CNN talk show host Larry King chatted with "Extra's" Mario Lopez at The Grove -- and said he loves being with his children since hanging up his suspenders last year.

"I have more time with the kids," King said. "We have dinner together, which I never used to have before."

King is also coaching Little League for his sons. "I've been thrown out of three games so far," he laughed. "Three weeks ago, I got thrown out and I'm walking across the field thinking, 'I'm a world figure and this umpire is throwing me out of a baseball game.' He threw me out. He said, 'Go back to CNN.'"

But the veteran newsman admits he does miss the action sometimes. "What I do miss is sitting down when a big event happens like the tragedy in Japan or when they killed Osama bin Laden. You want to be on or be in the mix."

And who was the one guest King always wanted to interview but could never get on the show? "Bruce Springsteen. We never were even close."

Larry King's new memoir, "Truth Be Told," is on bookshelves now.