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Sarah Ferguson's Advice for Maria Shriver: 'It Does Get Better'

"Extra's" AJ Calloway sat down with former royal turned reality TV star Sarah Ferguson about her new OWN show "Finding Sarah" -- and what encouragement she'd give Maria Shriver as she struggles in her marriage to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

"It does get better," Ferguson offered. "A year ago today, do you think I would sit here talking to you like this? There's no way I could do it."

It hasn't been an easy process, learning to discuss her personal troubles on-air. Ferguson admitted, "I was totally terrified about opening my heart, knowing that many people in the world would say, 'Why is she airing her laundry in public?'"

Ferguson recalled one time when she was at rock bottom. "I remember sitting on a flight to Los Angeles and the stewardess came up and said, 'Can I get you a drink, madam?' and I said, 'Give me the bar.'"

But thankfully, Oprah Winfrey had faith in Ferguson. "Oprah said, 'I can take you to Doctor Phil and Suze Orman and all these people... maybe you really need to learn about why you keep making these mistakes.' I was lost, and now I've found Sarah, thanks to Oprah and her team of people."

"Finding Sarah" premieres this Sunday, June 12 at 9:00 PM on OWN.