'Bachelorette' Ashley's Heartbreak: 'I Got Played' by Bentley

"The Bachelorette" star Ashley Hebert's humiliation at the hands of contestant Bentley Williams on Monday night's episode is still stinging.

"I'm extremely humiliated," Ashley, 26, told People. com. "He had intentions to really hurt me -- and he did."


As we now know, Bentley sweet-talked his way into Ashley's heart, but behind her back would tell the cameras he wanted off the show and had no interest in her.

Bentley even wished the "breathtakingly beautiful" Emily Maynard, Ashley's former fellow contestant on "The Bachelor," had been the "Bachelorette," because, he said, Ashley was "an ugly duckling." On Monday's episode, he walked off, leaving Ashley devastated.

Life & Style magazine revealed Wednesday that Ashley then begged producers to bring him back for a second chance, flying him to Hong Kong for a secret rendezvous, which will air in a future episode.

Although Hebert lived through the experiences, she had no idea Bentley felt the way he did until she watched the show on Monday and heard his hurtful comments. "I got played," she told People, "just as maybe every woman in America has been played."

Ashley also talked about her heartbreak on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." Watch!