Get Pumped for the MTV Movie Awards!

MTV is getting down to the supernatural this weekend for the 2011 Movie Awards featuring vampires, wizards and werewolves.

"Extra's" Adrianna Costa spoke to this year's host, "SNL's" Jason Sudeikis and had a valuable tip for him. "Make people laugh," she said.

This year's festivities will include all the big stars of "Twilight," and MTV's new show "Teen Wolf" -- a remake from the 1985 flick starring Michael J. Fox. The two Tylers from the teenybopper series, Tyler Posey and Tyler Hoechlin, got their start in films -- with Posey playing J.Lo's son in her 2002 romantic comedy "Maid in Manhattan," and Hoechlin as Tom Hanks' son in "Road to Perdition."

Be sure to catch all the hottest stars on Sunday's 20th Annual MTV Movie Awards, airing live at 9:00 P.M. ET/PT! "Teen Wolf" will debut its two-part premiere on Sunday after the Movie Awards, and Monday, June 6.