Lifechangers: 3 Ways to Stay Healthy Without an Appointment

"Extra" Lifechanger and Walgreens pharmacist Darshana Patel recommends three important steps to stay healthy without seeing a doctor.

#1 Hit a Walgreens for a Walk-In Immunization

Patel said, "Right now there's a pandemic for whooping cough. In 2010 there have been 21,000 cases, and they do recommend immunization for children who are entering 7th grade through 12th."

#2 Pay Attention to a Noisy Sleeper

"It's linked diabetes, heart failure and stroke," explained Patel.

# 3 Get Screened by a Pharmacist!

The Walgreens pharmacist said, "Get cholesterol screenings, blood screenings and glucose screenings."

And here are three foods that help reduce cholesterol: Oatmeal, oat bran and high-fiber foods; fish and omega-3 fatty acids; walnuts, almonds and other nuts.

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