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Dr. Drew Says Counseling Could Save Arnold and Maria's Marriage

"Extra" caught up with Dr. Drew Pinsky and asked him what advice he'd give former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver as they struggle with their marriage.

dr. drew and arnold schwarzenegger

"It's troublesome for people who've been betrayed to say 'I need treatment'," said Dr. Drew. "When both members of the couple work in treatment, they end up in a very good place. You'd be surprised; it can work out."

Dr. Drew said he didn't know if Schwarzenegger was a sex addict or not, but the physician has seen other bodybuilders with this problem. "I don't know Arnold. I do know I have treated a number of bodybuilders that do have sex addictions. It's a common thing, so it would not be that big of a stretch."

Meanwhile, Arnold was spotted Wednesday having a meeting with his daughters -- Christina, 19, and Katherine, 21 -- and some speculate he is desperate to bring his family together again.

"The Governator" author Ian Halperin told "Extra," "Arnold has begged his children for forgiveness, and he has told them he loves them unconditionally and promises to make it up to them."