Dr. Oz Tells You How to Add Eight Years to Your Life!

Stress is one of the leading causes of high blood pressure, and three out of four of us have it. Dr. Mehmet Oz gives us a few simple tips to bring those numbers way down... and add years to your life.

Dr. Oz took "Extra" correspondent AJ Calloway's blood pressure, which was 110 over 75. "That, my friend ,is perfect!" exclaimed the physician. That's the ideal blood pressure. And you know what? If it's 140 over 90, your life expectancy is 8 years shorter than if it's what it is now."

His tips? "Listen to music that you love," Dr. Oz recommended. "If you enjoy the music and it's soothing, it takes your blood pressure down. The other is these little acupressure points. See on my ear like that? You put pressure on your ear called the 'pena,' just press there."

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