'Hangover 2' Stars Talk Obama, Bra Shopping and Hair

"Extra's" Terri Seymour and Renee Bargh caught up with the boys who love to drink and get wild: Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis of "The Hangover Part II."

While filming "Hangover 2," Bradley Cooper was given the rare opportunity to have dinner with President Obama. Cooper told Renee, "He [President Obama] said the oddest thing. First thing he said was, 'Is there gonna be an 'A-Team 2' and can I be in it?'" Zach added, "Yeah, he was a fan of the 'A-Team,' which is a strange thing for anyone to say."

Terri asked Zach, "What was the last chick flick you saw?" The actor replied, "I think it was the Justin Bieber concert movie." Cooper asked if he had seen the 3-D version before Galifianakis started back peddling, "I don't know! I didn't see that f***ing thing I'm a grown man!"

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Ed revealed what he would do if he were a woman for a day. "I'd go hang with my gal pals and like, go bra shopping." Zach chimed in, "My boobies sure do itch! What about yours? Look at these things!"

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Perhaps the most difficult question was directed to Bradley, with Terri wanting to know, "Who do men really prefer? Brunettes or blondes?" Cooper wisely said, "Impossible question to answer, hopefully there is no answer to that."

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