Lifechangers: The Best Travel Tips, Without Spending a Ton!

"Extra" Lifechanger and CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg reveals how you can creatively travel and without taking out a second mortgage on your home.

Greenberg says a wise start to planning your travels is online. " searches for over 600 different websites to get you the best fare," he says.

Planning a trip at the right time of the year is also key. "If you can book a trip during September you get the best weather and the best deals, and you get the best service," Greenberg advises.

He also chooses Ireland as the best overseas deal "because they just had an economic meltdown, the banks own half the hotels. It's the same thing in Portugal, they have to get bailed out on the Euro. Another bargain for Americans."

See why Peter does not recommend an island retreat like the one Kate Middleton and Prince William spent their honeymoon on and how you should always ask for upgrades!

And for Greenberg's most valuable hotel tip? "Upon check in, always ask for the room away from the construction (there is always construction going on somewhere in most hotels) and if you are given a room you really don't like, go down and ask politely if there is another room available," he says. "If you are kind and let them know you get that not everything is perfect all the time, chances are they will move you to a room with more amenities or a better view, without your even asking!"