Lifechangers: Nurse Jamie Roadtests Perfume

This week "Extra" Lifechanger aesthetics Nurse Specialist Jamie Sherrill talks about perfumes.

Nurse Jamie highlights a few of her favorites, including Chanel No. 5, Carnal Flower and Viva La Juicy -- and gives you some tips about finding a signature scent.

Check it out!

And here's a fun, homemade perfume recipe!


25 drops of essential oils (Use at least 3 different oils so your perfume will have a deep and complex fragrance)

3-5 drops of glycerin (As a fixative)

2 cups of distilled water

3 tbsp. of vodka


In a measuring cup with a pour spout, combine essential oils. Add glycerin. Stir the mixture and test your perfume to see how you like the smell. Now is the time to add a few drops and test again. Stir the mixture well then pour the perfume into a dark glass bottle with a tight-fitting lid. Store the bottle in a cool and dry location. You should allow your perfume to settle for at least 12 hours before using.