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I'll Be Back: Arnold Schwarzenegger's Rough Ride Out of L.A.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has escaped L.A. to ride out the storm -- on a bike -- in a quiet town in Idaho, according to TMZ.


The "Terminator" star went for a solo ride outside of his home in Ketchum looking very pensive. In addition to fathering a love child with his housekeeper, being on the brink of divorce from Maria Shriver, and his animated series "The Governator" being officially put on hold, now the California Attorney General is launching an inquiry against the 63-year-old two-timer.

Arnold Faces an "Inquiry"

The Office of the Attorney General said they plan on conducting a preliminary evaluation of Schwarzenegger's sexual escapades, in which he allegedly used state-funded security details to cover up trysts with women in his hotel room. Arnold's people deny the charge and say it is "completely false."

Schwarzenegger's Alleged Mistress #2 Breaks Her Silence to "Extra"

Schwarzenegger's love child has an older sister named Jackie, who spoke out in support of her mother on Telemundo -- the interview was re-broadcast Thursday on the "Today" show. Jackie said, "She's like a superwoman, pretty much. I love my mom very much and she's a great inspiration for any working woman who is out there working for her kids." Jackie learned of the affair just last week, along with the rest of the world.

There is no word yet on when Arnold will return to L.A.