Haley Reinhart Talks About Almost Replacing Lauren Alaina in 'Idol' Finale

"Extra" caught up with "American Idol" contestant Haley Reinhart on the red carpet and asked her about preparing to go onstage if finalist Lauren Alaina's vocal chord problems prevented her from singing.

"I had somebody come up to me tell me what her condition was," explained Reinhart. "They didn't know if she could sing or not. They asked me to do it and said to pick out some tunes I already did. It was an honor that they asked me; they never did this for somebody else on the show."

Haley added, "But at the same time, I did not feel right about the whole thing."

Was she able to speak with Lauren beforehand? "No, but I saw her later. She was like, 'You were almost about to sing for me there,' and I said 'I'm glad the medicine and everything else helped you out and you got through it!'"

Haley was happy with the outcome. "I left in a good light. I had a great time going out. I still feel like the future holds something great out there for me. I felt like it was really Scotty and Lauren's time so no matter what, she should go out and do what she can do."