Todd Phillips: 'Ship Has Sailed' on 'Old School' Sequel

"The Hangover: Part II" director Todd Phillips doesn't think a sequel to his comedy classic "Old School" is in the cards.


"There was a moment when I thought 'Old School 2' was going to happen," mused Phillips to "Extra" at the "Hangover 2" premiere. "Then it just became very hard, scheduling-wise, with Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn and Luke Wilson. It just became kind of convoluted. Now I feel like that ship has sailed, so I don't think an 'Old School sequel' is in the works."

Does he think fans will be disappointed? "I know I love those guys. But I feel like it might be too far away now."

Phillips didn't rule out the possibility of a third "Hangover," saying, "Everybody always asks you about a third but we just want to concentrate on this one right now and see how people respond to it... if people love it, then we'll talk."

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"The Hangover Part II" opens blurry-eyed into theaters Thursday, May 26.