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Forbes Announces Top 100 Celebs

The annual Forbes Celebrity 100 list includes A-listers from Lady Gaga to reality TV star Bethenny Frankel. Representing actors, sport figures, models and entertainers, the list takes into consideration not only the celebs' net gain over the last year, but their influence as well.

Here are the top 10... click here for the complete 100!

Forbes Top 10 Celebrity List

1. Lady Gaga

The Queen Monster grossed $170 million on 137 shows in 22 countries over the past 12 months and has sold an estimated 15 million albums worldwide.

2. Oprah Winfrey

With a net earnings of $290 million in the past 12 months, Oprah is now going to put all her focus on her OWN network.

3. Justin Bieber

In the last 12 months, The Biebs' new album "My Life 2.0" quickly attained platinum status, his concert movie "Never Say Never" grossed $100 million globally and the singer's live shows around the world bring in $600,000 in gross ticket sales per night. His total earnings: $53 million.

4. U2

The Irish rockers are wrapping up the most lucrative tour in the history of music. By the time U2's tour ends this summer, the band will have sold $700 million worth of tickets over two years and played to more than 7 million people.

5. Elton John

Sir Elton has sold 250 million records worldwide over the past 30 years and isn't slowing down, he grossed $204 million performing 102 live shows in the past 12 months.

6. Tiger Woods

Although he lost sponsors during his sex scandal, the pro golfer continues to be the world's best-paid athlete thanks to $3 million overseas appearance fees and two sponsors that stuck with him: Nike and Electronic Arts.

7. Taylor Swift

Taylor's new album "Speak Now" was certified triple-platinum barely a month after its October release. Touring brings gross ticket sales of some $750,000 per night.

8. Bon Jovi

The band grossed $200 million playing 74 shows over the past 12 months and released a greatest hits album. Frontman Jon Bon Jovi was named to the White House Council for Community Solutions by President Obama.

9. Simon Cowell

After leaving "American Idol," Cowell has been busy. His U.S. version of "The X Factor" is slated to launch on FOX this fall, and Cowell has said that the format, which allows for single and group performers over the age of 12, is his favorite.

10. LeBron James

Even though the NBA player left the Cleveland Cavaliers to join the Miami Heat, James' jersey was the NBA's best seller this season and he has the No. 1 basketball shoe on the market.